About Us


About Us

Priscilla Hashmi and Celia Irvin run the Albert Irvin Estate as left to them by their father Bert.

Priscilla grew up during the 1950s/60s - Bert’s less successful years but no less prolific. Celia was born 10 years later and grew up during the 1960s/70s and saw Bert’s transformation from struggling artist to successful one. Between them they have an extensive knowledge and many memories of Bert’s life and painting.

They have both always been very passionate about Bert’s work and, being a very close family, always attended exhibitions both in the UK and abroad as part of his entourage.

Celia spent the last 14 years of Bert’s life working for him in an administrative capacity, and finally taking over the accounting from Betty when she was 85 and felt she should retire!

Priscilla and Celia are supported by Wajid Hashmi, and Robert Few who takes a very active role in the Estate. 

Their children are Karl Hashmi (who is now following in his Grandfather’s footsteps as an artist), Chad Hashmi & Charlotte Irvin-Few. Karl’s Instagram can be found here.